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If there’s one thing that we love (other than the ocean, jewels, and hamburgers) it's our lovely and amazing clients!  Nothing makes us happier than knowing someone  is wearing one of our pieces of art and feeling confident, sexy, and fabulous! So, to celebrate women supporting  + inspiring women, we are featuring our #1’s and what they mean to us!.


Cara is a long time fan of HERA. She’s your average 20 something girl from a small town with a not so average job.  Cara is a firefighter for the city of Toronto.  Can we say fearless, tough as nails, and a warrior??PHEW! Let's get to know Cara, shall we?

How did your journey to your newfound career begin?

C: My journey to attaining this coveted career began in 2014 when I lost my job as a Kinesiologist due to an OHIP funding structure change. As you can imagine I was crushed after working hard for 5 long years to attain my degree.  My uncle at the time was a District Chief for the city of Toronto's fire department and suggested I consider that as my next move. To make a long story short, a 10 month training intensive college program, a DZ driver's license and 4 pre-qualifying exams later I found myself receiving a job offer from my dream department with a start date of July 27th 2015.  I LOVE being at work. From responding to calls to hanging out as a crew, it's all amazing.  I can't wait to see what the next 30 years this career has in store for me.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

C: Tenacious, Intuitive & Passionate

What does your HERA piece mean to you?

C: I have wanted a piece of Hera jewelry ever since a very close friend of mine first got one and I remember thinking to myself "WOW, now THAT is a unique, elegant, show-stopper of a ring!". I knew by the detailed craftsmanship that this type of beauty came with a price that my minimum wage jobs (at the time) would not afford me to have anytime soon. So,  like any woman coveting any kind of luxurious accessory I began to save for it with the hopes of one day owing one - that started in 2013. It wasn't until attaining my job at the fire department that I was able to comfortably afford my Hera piece which I bought as a Christmas present for myself. My Hera piece is a true symbol of my hard work and the sacrifices I had to make to get where I am today. It is physical representation of my determination to succeed and a true testament to the notion that if you want something bad enough and truly devote 100% of yourself to it,   It also allows me to indulge in my feminine side which can sometimes be neglected working in a predominately male field of work. Now when I see others wearing Hera I wonder what indispensable quality of that woman is being projected outward.

Saving lives and wearing sexy uniforms = winning!  Welcome to the HERA fam sweet  Cara!