Product care


Any piece of Jewelry will keep its luster and beauty if properly maintained.

To keep your HERA Jewelry looking beautiful, polish it thoroughly with a clean damp cloth or a polishing cloth. Be sure to polish after wear and handling to help prevent the buildup of natural skin oils.


Silver Jewelry can be buffed with a polishing cloth for a quick clean up.

To remove heavier build up, rinse your piece with warm water and a mild soap. Do not submerge the Jewelry in silver polish or cleaning solutions, this will affect our midnight finish.

Avoid using any chemicals, ammonia or alcohol based products while wearing your Jewelry, this will affect the finishing.

When not wearing your HERA piece, store in your HERA pouch.


Your Gemstone Jewelry should be treated with care.

Remove your piece of Jewelry when doing any manual labour to prevent chips and breakage.

Gemstones have beautiful brilliance. This can be dulled by common products, avoid applying hand creams, perfumes, and lotions while wearing your Jewelry. Please do not expose to chemicals, extreme heat or salt water.